Christopher J Chen

Assistant Professor, Operations Decisions & Technologies

Kelley School of Business - Indiana University

1309 E. 10th Street, HH 4145 Bloomington, IN 47405

cch3 [at]

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Research Interests: regulation and operations,  healthcare finance, trade finance 


Supply Chain

Trade Credit Insurance: Operational Value and Contract Choice, with S. Alex Yang and Nitin Bakshi. Management Science (2021) 67(2): 875-891.

The Impact of Trade Credit Provision on Retail Inventory: An Empirical Investigation Using Synthetic Controls, with Nitish Jain and S. Alex Yang. Management Science (2023) 69(8): 4591-4608

The Effectiveness of Public Policy to Stimulate Supplier Entry During a Pandemic, with Ben Charoenwong, Alan Kwan, and Jing Li. (Under Review) Journal of Operations Management

Trade Credit and Horizontal Competition, with Nitish Jain, Andrew Di Wu, and Xinyu Liang. (In Preparation)

Performance Impacts of Supply Chain Relationship Turnovers, with George Ball, Kurt Bretthauer, and Kevin Mayo. (In Preparation)


Operations (Management) Warp Speed: Parsimonious Design for Rapid Deployment of Hospital Prediction and Decision Support Framework during a Pandemic, with Pengyi Shi, Jonathan Helm, Jeff Lim, Rodney Parker, Troy Tinsley, Jacob Cecil. Production and Operations Management (2022) 00:1-20. 

The Role of Physician Integration in Alternative Payment Models: The Case of the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program, with Kraig Delana. (Major Revision) Management Science

Unintended Consequences in Hospital Regulation: The Case of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, with Nicos Savva. (Working Paper)

Forecasting for Future Pandemics: An Adapted Synthetic Control Method for Emergent Diseases. (In Preparation)

Behavioral & Sustainability

Does Renewable Energy Renew the Endeavor in Energy Efficiency?, with Amrou Awaysheh and Owen Wu. (Major Revision) Management Science

Algorithm-Human-Algorithm: A New Classification Approach to Integrating Judgemental Adjustments, with Nitish Jain and Varun Karamshetty. Proceedings of ICIS 2023

Enhancing Volunteer Retention: The Role of Experienced Volunteers, with Vinit Tipnis and Fei Gao. (Under Review)


P481 - Supply Chain Planning and Analytics (Undergraduate): Spring 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

K635 - Special Topics in Decision Sciences (PhD): Spring 2020, 2021, 2023

C531 - Predictive Analytics/Data Mining (Masters): Winter 2022, 2023

About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Operations, Decisions & Technologies department at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and a research fellow with the Center for the Business of Life Sciences. My research interests lie at interface of operations management and finance. Specifically, I study the operational impact of regulatory changes under financial constraints with applications in supply chains and healthcare. 

I received my PhD in Management Science & Operations at London Business School, advised by S. Alex Yang and Nicos Savva. Prior to the PhD, I was a consultant in portfolio optimization for the US Department of Defense as well as various intelligence agencies with Booz Allen Hamilton. I received my masters' in computer science and statistics from the George Washington University and my bachelors' in economics and biochemistry from Dartmouth College.